During the Omega period, students receive direct instruction targeted to their individual needs. 

Illuminations (CIG): 
In our advanced learning program, students encounter daily enrichment activities for advanced learning in ELA and Mathematics. 

Pathways to High School:
Project based activities to strengthen all areas of academics and prepare for the transition to High School.  

Preparation for Specialized High Schools:
Students are prepared for the entrance exams, auditions and portfolios needed for NYC Specialized High Schools.

In this program, young male students learn to become positive young adults. 

One period per week, students are given the opportunity to pursue their particular interests. In place of the Omega period, students can choose to participate in one of an array of activities: violin, art, technology, cooking and nutrition, acting, chorus, among many others. 

Sports Leadership:
This program offers targeted physical activities to promote academic integrity.

Social Science:
In this program, students acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills associated with the core areas of life. 

This program supports young ladies on their journey to adulthood. 

PBIS program:
This is a school wide system to promote positive student behavior, improve school climate, and reinforce expectations. Students win SOAR bucks when they demonstrate positive behaviors, and are able to redeem those SOAR bucks in the school store and for participation in special activities. 

Pay it Forward Campaign:

The philosophy of Pay It Forward is that through acts of kindness among strangers, we all foster a more caring society. In the book, Reuben St. Clair, a social studies teacher in Atascadero, California, challenges his students to come up with a plan to "change the world". That's something we would all like to do, right? What if we could change the world, even in some small way? One of the students in the class is Trevor, who takes the challenge to heart. As he goes about his day, he wonders what he could do, just a twelve year old student, to change the world. He starts by showing kindness to a stranger, and from there, moves on to the next person he can help. 

The Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum is an innovative PreK-Grade 12 program that builds on children’s affinity for animals and highlights the unique characteristics and desirability of Mutt-i-grees®, or shelter pets. The Curriculum teaches social and emotional skills and is unique in its bridging of humane education and the emerging field of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Developed by the NSAL’s Pet Savers Foundation in collaboration with Yale University School of the 21st Century and funded by the Cesar Millan Foundation, the goal of the Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum is to enable children to grow up to be calm, confident, and caring. It has been implemented in thousands of schools across the country and Canada.





Each year our drama department works in conjunction with Broadway Junior to produce and perform a musical theater production. Students must audition for a role in the show each year, and rehearsals are held on Monday and Tuesday, at 2:05. 

Millennium: (Monday-Friday) Free after school program, which offers a variety of activities in a structured supervised environment. 
Saturday Program: TBD





Shell Bank Sea Hawks Boys Basketball Team (JV and Varsity)

Shell Bank Lady SeaHawks Girls Basketball

Flag football

Coed Rugby